PAT Manager

Portable Appliance Testing software downloader with report and certificate printing.

Designed in house at St Helens Networks, this software has been designed to be easy to use whilst at the same time providing enough functionality to produce detailed test reports based on the data collected by the tester.

As well as the standard features that other software includes; for instance downloading results, report generation, manual entry, etc. This software also includes the ability to provide your clients with the results in a digital format without leaving the program. You can either burn the results to CD, email them or, if you have your own web space you can upload them to the Internet.

Reports can be exported in various formats for later viewing or distribution, formats include Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel.

The software also comes with a Backup and Restore system so as long as you have made a backup you can restore previously downloaded results in the event of problems arising.

Compatible with:
  • Seaward Europa Plus
  • Robin SmartPAT5000
  • Martindale MicroPAT
  • Metrel OmegaPat

Both the manual entry and the editing systems allow for a specific number of comments to be added to the entries, the number of comments you can add depend on how many your tester allows. For instance the Martindale MicroPAT allows for two comments whilst the Seaward Europa allows for four comments.


PAT Manager + Periodic Reports (printable): £79.99 + VAT

PAT Manager + Labeller + Periodic Reports (printable): £95 + VAT

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Returns Policy

As this is software you must not open if you intend to return the disk

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